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4% No deposit required
One level only
5% $1,000 deposit is required
1% for second-level referrals
6% $3,000 deposit is required
1% for second-level referrals 1% for third-level referrals

With a wide range of skills and platforms, Axera's affiliate partners find success in blogging, Telegram channels, high-traffic websites, and much more

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When individuals sign up and make a deposit in Axera using your personal affiliate link, you can earn a commission of up to 5% for each deposit made

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Our Affiliate Program presents clients with an easy and hassle-free avenue to earn rewards by referring individuals to Axera. Axera's successful affiliate partners excel across a wide range of platforms, including blogs, forums, high-traffic websites, tech companies, and beyond.

Experience our multi-tiered referral program, which encompasses three levels tailored to passive users, and gain access to an array of additional benefits. Our comprehensive rewards system is designed to generously compensate our users for their unwavering dedication in expanding the Axera community and assisting others in their financial journey.

Simply create an account with us, log in to your members area, and find your unique referral link. It's as easy as that! With our referral program, you can start earning without even requiring an active deposit.

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Your referred users make a deposit Earn referral commissions without the necessity of an active deposit on your part
Earn referral rewards of up to 5% It's an opportunity to boost your earnings and maximize your financial growth

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The impressive results achieved by our active affiliate members showcase the effectiveness of our multi-tier affiliate program

Joseph Miller

Through our referral program, he achieves a weekly income of around $12,000

Michael Brown

His weekly income reaches approximately $18,000 thanks to our referral program

Emily Martinez

Our referral program enables her to earn an approximate weekly income of $10,000

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